Abraham's Tent Soup Kitchen

"We feed you for the sake of Allah alone: no reward do we desire from you or thanks."


The premier program of JCM United is our soup kitchen, Abraham's Tent.  In the time of Abraham, any traveler who came upon a camp would be welcomed and taken care of since the desert was such a harsh place.

In this spirit of hospitality, JCM United partners with Epiphany Lutheran & Episcopal Church (425 Carmel Avenue, Marina) to feed our outdoor guests or those who are food insecure every Thursday evening.

Will you join us in welcoming our neighbors to Abraham's Tent?

We invite community members to help prepare and serve food, all the while getting to know others of different faiths.

NOTE:  Volunteers must be COVID symptom-free, as well as not be in contact with anyone with symptoms two weeks before the scheduled work date, and understand that there are risks of working in close quarters, such as the kitchen. Volunteers must also wear masks and gloves. (Bring your own apron too!)

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